Trainz Simulator 2009 - World Builder Edition

Trainz Simulator 2009 - World Builder Edition 1.0

Trainz Simulator 2009 -Build and operate the railroad of your dreams
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Trainz Simulator 2009: World Builder Edition of (TS2009) includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a steam railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged 100 mile prototypical route; the choice is yours.

As Engineer, you can climb inside the 3D cab and take charge of a wide range of diesel, electric or steam engines. Using Driver Commands, you can operate multiple trains by setting orders for computer AI Drivers to follow. Using Rules you can set up Driver Sessions, and give instructions for other Trainz fans to follow.

Trainz 2009 also introduces Trainz Online*, a new in-game web browser that is your window into the wider world of Trainz. This is a community driven environment that will connect Trainz users through chat, galleries, tutorials and more. You can upload screenshots to your own Trainz Gallery and view thousands of screenshots from other fans. By tagging each screenshot you can search for your favourite railroad or region. Trainz Online also has a new community-driven online Help system where you can ask questions and search for hints, tips or even add to the Knowledge Base yourself.

Main Features:
- Higher resolution graphics capabilities
- Greater terrain and texture detail
- New terrain deformation tools
- Content search, filter, management tools greatly improved
- New Trainz Online Gallery, Help, Chat, News and more
- Stability improvements and performance optimisations
- 99% backwards compatibility with previous content

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